Keys Gate Charter High School

Homestead, Florida

Keys Gate Charter Schools (Phase I) :

Renovation of a 40,845 square foot baseball training dorm building for high school classes. Future Bathroom underground plumbing installed for conversion to elementary school. Interior buildout, new exterior windows and doors, roofing and new mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Parking and drive lanes with pick up/drop off cover canopies, new exterior stucco and landscaping.

Shell Type:
Reinforced load‐bearing masonry walls & steel joist roof systems, new window openings, replacing slabs and modifying/reinforcing steel joist for new A/C equipment.

Keys Gate Charter Schools (Phase II) :

3‐story school, 135,000 square feet with a basketball gymnasium. Class rooms, Cambridge science labs, computer labs and cafeteria with parking lot, pick up/drop off drive lanes & covered walks. Hardwood basketball court, retractable goals, bleachers, scoreboards, weight room & locker rooms facilities.

Shell Type:
Post tension cast‐in‐place concrete structure with reinforced masonry walls and load‐ bearing reinforced masonry supporting long‐span steel joist at Gym.

Keys Gate Charter Schools (Phase III) :

Final renovations to the 40,845 square foot high school (Phase I) to an elementary school adding bathrooms to all class rooms, adding playground facilities and new interior refinishes. Playground, soccer fields, bleachers, landscaping and fencing. Constructed for Charter Schools USA, Keys Gate High School Phases I, II & III were private/public partnerships completing a K ‐12 charter school campus.